Why Vehicle Conversions Should Be Made on More Taxis and Community Vehicles

These days, new buildings, especially those that are used for public purposes, need to be built so that they are accessible by people of all physical abilities. Old buildings are also regularly updated with the addition of ramps, lifts or wider walkways so that they can easily be entered by people on wheelchairs. Changes such as these give people with disabilities a greater chance to experience life on an equal standing with anyone else in the community, allowing them to complete their education, follow any chosen career path and enjoy any recreational activities usually available. This new building strategy, however, needs to be complemented by a significant increase of conversions made on taxis and community vehicles.

For the mobility challenged person, getting to a certain destination can include a multiplicity of small challenges that make the whole process quite demanding. Many people cannot afford a conversion of vehicle to be made on their own car or van, or simply do not wish to own their own wheelchair van and the lack of taxis with vehicle conversions in circulation can make travelling to one of the many accessible attractions our state offers seem too much trouble.

Having more taxis on the road fitted out with accessibility vehicle conversions means that more mobility challenged people can visit places such as shopping centres, libraries, museums, universities, as well as meeting with family and friends without thinking twice. Taxis with vehicle conversions can greatly improve the quality of life for a significant proportion of the population, allowing 輪椅的士 them to travel to places that were previously unimaginable.

If conducted on taxis it needs to be made with the utmost attention paid to safety and comfort, to give the passenger reassurance that their safety is being cared for. The safety of taxi vehicle conversions can be complemented by electric wheelchair restraints, a rubber tread for the wheelchair wheels and parking sensors to ensure smooth handling by the driver. For taxi drivers, it is important that their taxi and vehicle conversion perform consistently, so its need to ensure that minimum ongoing maintenance and repairs are needed for the taxi, to reduce costs and ensure reliable running of the vehicle.


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