Why Be Afraid of Hospice?

If a family member who is very old is dying, no one talks about it though they are all aware of it. This leaves the person to live a life of misery without any skilled assistance from qualified medical personnel and they have to put up with pain and discomfort. It would be so much better if people could be brave and discuss it and make the last days of an aged person more comfortable with assistance from hospice.

There is no reason to be afraid of hospice services, as this is just a way  hospice care near me to make life towards the end more comfortable for the old and the terminally ill who find normal activities difficult to cope with. The ill have discomfort because of the illness and the aged because of the deteriorating condition of their body. This service is meant for people who have been through the whole gamut of treatment and have then been certified for hospice care by physicians.

This is a service which gives comfort both physical and mental to the dying and also courage and support to their families. After a certain stage, treatment becomes a discomfort as it means painful and invasive tests, chemotherapy and scans, which do not help anymore. This is the time to leave the old and the sick in peace and try to alleviate their pain.

Those who belong to the team of palliative care have been through specialized training for pain management. This can give relief, even for symptoms of great discomfort, like nausea, which is a symptom of chemotherapy. Sometimes people are put on life support without their permission and are forced to go through days, or even months, of misery until death becomes a merciful savior. Hospice is a better way of treating our loved ones when they are ill instead of making them suffer.


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