What Everybody Ought to Know About Kissing a Girl

You may be asking, does kissing a girl have that much to do with how to seduce women? In fact it does. Making a good impression on your girlfriend is surely something you look forward to especially if you think that she is the one for you. One thing is for sure – you can impress her with the way you kiss. If you do not do it right, then it is difficult to seduce women. So, just take the time to read through this so as to learn a few tips about how to kiss passionately and seductively.

1. Take it slow- Remember that practice makes perfect.

Besides, there is no need to rush things. By caressing her with your lips and moving gently to her neck or chin you can be much more sensual.

2. Lingering in between one kiss and another- When kissing a girl play it slow.

A good method is to linger in between kisses by keeping your lips at a small distance from hers, and then kissing her again and again. Try to avoid using your tongue at first.

3. Touch her face and shoulders- One thing women find seductive is if you touch their face gently while kissing.

You can also touch her shoulders and clasp her hands. It is a great way of drawing her closer to you in a passionate way. Bear in mind that kissing a girl is not just about using your lips. However, make sure to be gentle and delicate through it all.

4. Do not get distracted- To seduce women you need to make sure that you do not get distracted in any way.

A girl will want to feel that while kissing you are hers and everything else around you simply disappeared.

5. Do not focus on her lips only- Kissing passionately involves much more than kissing your girl on the mouth.

Besides kissing her on the lips make sure to move 918kiss apk download gently to other areas such as her neck, chin, shoulders and eyes.

6. Being aggressive in a gentle way- You need to learn how to be aggressive in a sensuous way.

A burst of passion every now and then while kissing your girl is a good tactic, as long as you do not overdo it. It is always best to dedicate most of the kissing time to sensuality and gentleness.

7. Make use of your hands- To seduce women you have to use your hands in a sensual way while kissing.

Softly touching her in places you know she likes and feels confident with will work wonders to kissing passionately and arousing one another.

8. Wet kisses vs drooling- Wet kisses are passionate, but you need to make sure not to make them too wet as you do not want to end up drooling.

It is a good idea to practice by kissing the back of your palm so as to see how you should kiss. The amount of moisture will give you a hint as to how much you should part your lips while kissing.

9. Do not get too carried away and hurt her- Tugging too hard and biting are definitely not recommended.

You have to be aggressive every now and then but make sure you keep it sensual. You do not want to overdo it or hurt your partner.

10. Learn together- Learn from each other while kissing.


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