UTG M324 Airsoft Master Metal Spring Sniper Rifle SOFT-M324S-B – Everything You Need to Know


UTG is known for great expert marksman rifles yet they have truly accomplished something amazing with this specific rifle. The UTG M324 is one of the most mind-blowing spring marksman rifles you can find. If you have any desire to overwhelm the fields each kill in turn, then, at that point, the M324 is the ideal firearm for you. With a gag speed of 450 feet each subsequent while utilizing a .20g BB, you can truly cause some harm with this sharpshooter. However, power is only one of the many advantages of claiming this firearm; it includes a compelling scope of 200+ feet which implies you can without much of a stretch bring down that heavy weapons specialist (or group of heavy armament specialists) taking cover behind the shrubs across the field.


The M324 is built Buy 410 ammo online of metal, with the main non-metal parts being the stock and magazine. All that metal means a robust load with the rifle coming in at 6.5 pounds so you realize you’re getting a very much created and sturdy weapon. Furthermore, not exclusively will you get the rifle, you will likewise get two 25 round magazines, a speed loader, a cleaning bar, a rifle sling, and UTG’s collapsing metal Weaver bipod.


When you remove the M324 from the container, you’ll see that the rifle is fabricated like a tank. It’s body has an extremely strong development and you’ll feel like you’re holding a genuine marksman rifle. Presently with the Gen 5 update, the M324 accompanies a built up barrel to build the life expectancy of the weapon and guarantee your thousandth shot stay as precise as the first. The new bolt configuration highlights locking pins and the security switch presently has an ergonomic overhaul. You won’t find such an astonishing sharpshooter rifle elsewhere for under $150, headshots have never been so reasonable.

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