Turkish Property is in High Demand Among Investors

Turkey has always been an exotic getaway. With its rich Christian, Muslim and Jewish historical and religious background, Turkey is a unique place in terms of multiculturalism and scenic beauty as it is strategically placed beside the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

The most famous tourist spots of Turkey are: – Troy, the legendary kingdom of Homer’s ‘Iliad’; the regal Roman Empire’s capital, Constantinople or the mythical and religious place of the Garden of Eden or the spot where Noah is said to have landed with his ark. You can travel along the famed Old Silk Road that Marco Polo had traveled in ancient times, sail in the breathtaking Mediterranean or relish the exotic fare in Turkey. Apart from this, you can also look up the famous churches and the Home of the Virgin Mary, as mentioned in the Testament. Turkey is completely secular by nature, is politically stable and its hospitality is famous, all reasons for you to invest in property in Turkey.

Turkey is a great overseas investment as the capital growth rate is high; the leases are quite affordable and the investment involves very low risk and is entirely legal. You can choose to invest in properties in this place for better investment options.

You need not be apprehensive as many financial advisors have recommended Turkish property as a lucrative foreign investment and it has become quite a favorite with property buyers. Statistical figures have assessed that of the total property in Turkey, about 63, 500 properties are owned by foreign nationals, most of the located in parts of Turkey that are picturesquely situated on the Mediterranean Coast, like the town of Antalya. Istanbul, Turkey’s exotic capital is also a major drawer of foreign investment due to its rich history and dazzling architecture. About 10.695 properties in Istanbul are owned by foreign investors. Other than his, parts of Turkey which are situated beside the Aegean Sea like Mugla, Aydin and Izmir are also hot picks in the property sector.

Most of the property is owned by German and British investors as Turkish property is undervalued and yet beautiful. Turkey’s moderate and pleasant climate also adds to its charm as a tourist spot.   property turkey

Marbella Properties and Costa del Sol Property are two great options for investment in Turkey. If you browse through the website pictures, you will find that all the properties and estates, both for residential and commercial purposes are situated in strategic areas and exude style and elegance, along with luxury. Though some of the properties are in remote parts at the moment, there is a certain chance of a boom in the investment of housing sectors, given the fact that Turkey’s economy is booming.

Thus, in a matter of a few years, any inexpensive and remote property in Turkey will increase in value by leaps and bounds, making for a great future capital investment. So, take the steps needed to own a beautiful piece of property in Turkey!



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