The Foods We Eat Play a Bigger Part Than You Think

I’m a very good believer in that we are the food we eat, and therefore we should treat our bodies to be a temple. Therefore only allowing good foods to go in the body. I really believe this, as I do think we’re the food we eat, therefore if we eat a lot of bad foods, and by bad foods I mean sweet goods like cakes and sweets, or fatty foods like crisps or French fries, than this has an effect on how we’ll feel at some point. 먹튀검증커뮤니티 Not just on what we look in the future, but also on our mind set and energy levels on top of that.

When you keep eat bad foods regularly, you can’t possible hope to have a healthy mind-set or a sound body. I understand for me personally, if I have a pizza in the morning my energy level feels totally different to how I normally am. I am more sluggish, both in my overall body, and in my mind. I don’t feel exactly the same. Now, I additionally believe the contrary to be true, in that, to eat a whole lot of good, natural foods, and drink plenty of water, this can enhance your mind and body.

When I say good foods, what I’m saying is as natural as possible, a lot of people consider it as a caveman diet. In that, you attempt to limit your food intake to foods in which a caveman would have been able to nibble on in his day, so lean meats, veg, salad, rice etc (we’re taking into account our caveman was a skilled farmer here), but you get the point. Try this good food, caveman diet everyday for one month, and find out if you don’t notice an improvement in your thoughts and body, I bet you will definitely. Try and limit your intake of processed, sugary, and fatty foods, I’m sure you’ll reap the huge benefits!


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