PET Plastic Food Containers – Why PET Food Containers Are a Popular Packaging Choice

PET food containers are a popular choice for businesses packaging as well as displaying food for sale. They are flexible enough to meet the diverse needs of the large variety of food products manufacturers and retailers, and they also meet U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for plastics used in food packaging.

Plastic that is FDA approved as food grade is regulated in detail. At the most basic level, it is plastic that doesn’t contain dyes or recycled plastics that are considered harmful to humans. PET food containers may contain recycled plastics, but only in accordance with FDA regulations about recycled plastics in food packaging.

PET containers help food manufacturers and retailers appropriately match the type of plastic used in packaging to various types of food. PET is appropriate as packaging for many types of food and beverages, so it is a very flexible and convenient option. Today PET containers may even be used for food products that involve hot-fill processes during packaging.

PET has barrier properties that make it an excellent choice as packaging for many types of food and beverages. It can contain carbon dioxide, so it’s a great option for carbonated beverages. It is also clear, so PET containers allow manufacturers and retailers to show the purity, color or consistency of the products they offer for sale.

Food containers made with PET come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and fluid capacities. This means it’s very easy to find the right container for virtually every food or beverage product. PET containers are also easily customized, so individual requirements or specifications can be met at an affordable price.

PET food containers are available with a variety of lids, including snap-on lids, poly lids and tamper evident lids. PET containers with lids can keep foods fresh and guaranteed safe. Like the containers themselves, lids are also customizable.

PET is very lightweight, yet it’s one of the most durable options in food containers. PET food containers don’t break easily, and they don’t shatter if they are broken – they split apart. The manufacturing process and the unique properties of PET also result in food containers that don’t leak. custom vape mods

Foods and beverages packaged in PET are free of any aftertaste that may be associated with other packaging options. Because products packaged in PET containers are lightweight, especially compared to comparable products packed in glass, they cost much less when it comes to shipping. Food looks great in crystal clear PET plastic, and PET is widely recognized as recyclable today. This means when you opt for PET plastic containers as packaging, it’s very likely to be recycled.

Given so many impressive benefits of PET plastic food containers, it’s easy to see why they are a popular choice for packaging food products. If you’re looking for a very convenient, durable, attractive, cost-effective and eco-friendly packaging option for your food items, contact a quality PET food containers manufacturer. You’re almost certain to find the ideal solution for your food grade plastic container needs.



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