Overcoming the Challenges of Goliath Goals. David and Goliath Tees – Controversy

I felt in my spirit that the sun had just peeked over the horizon. I thought if i kept my eyes closed it would somehow make it all seem like a dream. I knew I had a Goliath Goal to face that morning, and was struggling to prepare my mind for the journey.Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 Review: Within Radar Range | Digital Trends

As i lay there with my head on my pillow, looking up Türklingel  at the ceiling, something occurred to me. This “thing” is probably one of the single most important reasons why I did get out of bed at 5: 45am on a Saturday morning. This “thing” that occurred to me was my WHY.

Whatever you goal is, you better have a strong enough “WHY” that you can back with passion and move towards with joy. These Goliath Goals, are the life-changing goals that separate mediocre lives from extraordinary lives. We all have them throughout our lives. As children almost all of our goals are Goliath in nature, but as we age and become adults they are relegated to a shrunken and small nature. It’s as though society and the adults around children beat those Goliath Goals out of the mindset of children.

Think back to when you were a child, or of children you know today. When they desire something, the only thing that matters to them is that they desire it. They are not thinking about how much it cost, how long it takes or even what other people are going to think or say. The kid shares his/her goal, vision, dream with such passion and excitement with the nearest adult, not realizing that this adult no longer is capable of dreaming Goliath dreams. This adult then starts in on the poor kid. “We can’t afford that. What gave you such a crazy idea in the first place? ”

It’s starts happening. This child who had such great faith, starts to be brainwashed (mindwashed) into thinking that dreams don’t really come true. Over time the damage is done and by the time this child is grown up, he/she has accepted the “status quo” and is on their way to a life void of dreams.

The first part of facing the challenges of Goliath Goals is to face your own inner beliefs. Do what you have to do to deal with those beliefs. Seek out ways to re-train your mind to dream like a child – to have child-like faith. You can not afford to ignore this important step. If you do, you will find yourself taxing on the runway of life, going in circles around your goals, but never taking off.

Read books, go to seminars, get on webinars, work with a coach, pray, meditate, listen to Cds in your car, while working out… every chance you get, be doing something about your belief that you deserve and is your birthright to live a full, abundant and joy-filled life. And when you get this down, you are now empowered to go out there and guide someone else back to child-like faith.

God has a plan for your life. Good plans. Great plans. Plans to prosper you in all ways. But He will not force you to accept His plans. He gives each of us freedom of choice. You get to choose. Really. But in choosing, please understand, that i never used the word “easy. ” There will be times when you want to give up. Just as I did the morning I got up to walk/run my 6 miles in prep for a marathon. It all came back to mindset and my “Why am I doing this again? ”

As a former Christian school teacher and vice principal, Anita Crawford Clark developed her natural ability to take complex information and simplify it which has made her a popular speaker and social media trainer. She is a mother of three, children’s book author, social media manager and inspirational speaker. But what is unusual and interesting is that Anita is a boxer. Okay, she doesn’t get in the ring, but she did take boxing lessons as a fun and motivating way to drop some extra pounds after having her second child at age 42. She just goes out and lives the most amazing life. Period!

David and Goliath are a clothing company founded in Clearwater, Florida by University of Florida accounting graduate Todd Goldman. The company initially started off making t-shirts and sleepwear for the 14-24 female market but in recent years has branched out, making, David and Goliath Tees, clothing and accessories targeted at 18-30 year old males. As popular as the David and Goliath brand is, it has however been tarnished slightly with some controversies and accusations of plagiarism.

In 2004 a line of David and Goliath tees were pulled from thousands of retailers around the US including K-Mart, Nordstrom and the Disney Store. The line of tees, featuring the slogan “Boys are Stupid… ” was indicted by men’s rights activist and radio host Glenn Sacks as promoting a societal mood that stigmatised and victimised boys. Many backed this up by claiming the tees supported anti-male sentiments and encouraged kids to participate in a “battle of the sexes”.

A website, with a number of mirrors, has in fact been set up to document the many accusations of plagiarism and display the alleged offending images. One striking example is an image of a cat/squirrel hybrid praying over its bed with the thought bubble “Dear God, please make everyone die! Amen”. The image bears overwhelming similarities to an image in the September 19, 2001 edition of Dave Kelly’s “Purple Pussy” comic. The website’s author displays an overlay of the two images showing the similarities: It is almost a line for line trace.

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