Making Money Online With Twitter

We all want to make money, that is a given. But making money can be hard, in fact it is hard. Plenty of people are looking for get rich quick schemes on the net, but all they ever find is disappointment, which is rather annoying since there are thousands of ways to make money on the internet.

One of the popular ways of earning money Hash for sale  on the internet is through Twitter. Yes, you can make money on Twitter, it’s not a get rich scheme and unless you have 50,000 followers you are not going to get money you can live from, but you can earn a decent amount.

There are websites and companies that offer monetization of your twitter account, we ant name any but the idea behind them is simple. You sign up for an account with them grant them access to your information on Twitter, only info; they can’t do anything else without your approval. Once you get that out of the way you need to set up your account properly.

Before we go into how and why let’s first explain the basic concept of this idea. These companies want you to tweet an advertisement from time to time. Depending on your number of followers and friends and your targeted audience the price of your tweets can range from $0.1 to $10.000 like Kim Kardashian gets. You pick the ads, you pick the time when to tweet them and in what format, but you have to let people know that this is an ad by adding a hash tag like #ad or #spoon.

So it is a pretty simple idea, and a person with 500 followers can make between $1 to $5 a day easy. So what do you actually need to do, in order to make money through Twitter you need two things, you need large number of followers and you need targeted followers. Getting a large number of followers is not hard, but it takes time. On the other hand getting targeted followers can be hard, but it is necessary if you want to earn some real money using Twitter. The basic concept is to pick a niche like beauty products and find every person on twitter interested using hash tags, follow them and they will follow you.

Targeted audience assures that your advertisers want to pay you more for placing their ads in your tweets, which makes more money for you. So the idea is simple, but spamming will get your account banned, so use this wisely and have fun tweeting.

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