HP 20b Business Financial Calculator an Excellent Business Choice

The HP 20b business consultant is HP’s financial calculator had been introduced in 2008 and most people often compare its similarity to the HP 10bII calculator’s statistical and scientific functions.  Unlike the other HP financial calculators this one has a two line display where the first line displays 8 characters and 11 indicators whereas the second line display has a 12+3 digit display.

This model of HP’s financial calculator is aimed at those who are accountants, business consultants, financial workers, realtors, bankers as well as statisticians. The design of this calculator is similar to the HP 10bII calculator where the design is very sleek and modern. The calculator is also slim and light to carry; making is extremely useful if you want a financial and statistical expert with you all the time. Its finish is clean and glossy and is available in black color only, while the format is vertical. You will find several business functions like amortization, depreciation, and value of money, bonds and even cash flow integrated on its keyboard. Users also have a choice between RPN or algebraic entry, thus making sure that it satisfies both their niche Open Calculator clientele. Apart from financial calculations you will also be able to perform math calculations that include basic trig functions as well as 18 other functions in statistical analysis. Apart from these you will also find the much common functions that are reminiscent of all financial calculators like standard deviations, population deviations, standard error, covariance, correlations, combinations, scientific notation, n!, rounding, permutations, random numbers, probability , square root and LOG. It also includes other functions apart from their wide range of mathematical calculations like date calculations, language preferences, display format, editing, memory functions, scroll keys etc.

The HP 20b financial calculator works at lightning speed because of its high speed processor and intuitive layout of the keys on the keypad. The keys are soft touch keys and are graciously laid out on the keypad. This is to ensure that you do not accidently hit another key instead of hitting something else.  Like all other HP calculators this one also comes along with an instruction manual that is an easy to use and easy to understand guide even for those who do not know anything about financial calculators. It contains all the information and details on how to use certain mathematical, financial and statistical calculations for your benefit.

If you want to invest in the HP 20b business consultant and financial calculator then you have come to the right place. This calculator comes along with a one year warranty card like all the other HP financial calculators. The calculator battery is a power saver and has an auto switch off mode if not used for 10 minutes. The life of the battery pack that comes along with the HP 20b calculator is an average of 9 months and is therefore considered to be long lasting. This calculator is definitely a must buy if you are looking at the most accurate data that is given quickly.

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