Game of Thrones (TV Series)- Summary and synopsis)


Three men set out on horseback on a snowy geography from the Wall. The youthful bone

sees bank from a fire and creeps up on it. He sees bodies addressed to bits and heads on stakes, dismembered branches each around, including women and children. He turns and runs.

We see their bodies are laid out in a kind of symbol, like a ring. you can watch movies free and also you can download seasons like Game of Thrones Season 1 on 4khotvideo.

He’s corrected by his leader for being a sissy, and reminded of their charge and the discipline for dereliction. His comrades go to check out the bodies, but find they have faded. One man finds what could be an organ in the snow. He is about to show it to the other man when commodity dark and minatory pops up out of snow and gashes him down. The remaining men run. They are chased by commodity that does not feel mortal. The critter catches one of the men and slices off his head. The remaining man drops to his knees and awaits his fate.

latterly, he stumbles across a field. Not dead. A band of men on nags block him.

In Winterfell, Ned Stark( Sean Bean) watches his son Bran practice archery with the aid of Jon Snow, Ned’s bastard son. Inside the castle, his youthful son Arya practices hemstitch. Bran lets fly his arrow and misses hectically. Suddenly another strikes the point. They turn to see who let it go. It’s Arya, showing up her family.

A man comes to report they captured a renegade from the Night’s Watch. Ned’s woman

Catelyn asks him if he has to do what must be done. Ned says yes, and 10 time old Bran is coming to watch.

They march the renegade to be guillotined. He tells Ned he saw White trampers. Bran watches as his father beheads the man. Jon commends Bran for not looking down. After, Ned tells Bran that the White trampers have been gone for thousands of times and the renegade must be crazy. He’d to cut the man’s head off himself because he passed the judgment , Ned explains.

On the lift home they come upon a disemboweled elk and wonder what could have done it. They find a also addressed up wolf hard, with five youthful pups. They believe they are a rare kind of wolf, a direwolf, of which there are only five south of the wall. Ned commands them killed because they habituate survive without their mama . Jon suggests instead that, as the direwolf is the sigil of house Stark & Ned has 5 Stark children, the five pups go to the five Stark children. As they’re about to leave, Jon finds a 6th doggy , which he takes for his own. the mite of the waste for the bastard son.

At the marriage feast for Daenrys and Drogo, Viserys is eager to get his throne back. Daenrys watches two men try to have coitus with a woman in the middle of a cotillion and end up cutting each other to bits. We learn that a Dothraki marriage without at least three deaths is considered a dull affair. Jorah Mormant, an expatriated knight, brings song books to Daenrys. She also gets a gift of dragons eggs. Khal gets up and goes to his steed. Daenrys follows, and he gives her a white steed. As she’s riding off, her family tells her to make Drogo happy. latterly, alone on the sand at evening, she waits nervously as her new hubby looks her over. She cries. He says only no as he sluggishly takes off her clothes and pushes her to the ground.

Back in Winterfell, Ned prepares to ride with the King. As they set off, Bran climbs to the top of the emulsion walls again to watch his father ride down. Half up the wall he hears the sounds of people having coitus. He sees Jaime with a woman bent over in front of him. It’s his family Cersei. She seems to be a willing party. She shouts that Bran saw them. Jaime pulls Bran off the ledge. He assesses how high up they are, also he gives Bran a push.

” The effects I do for love,” he says.

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