Free Online Courses On Dog Training

Training your dog is essential – otherwise you will have a messy and “interesting” or even dangerous experience to contend with. Find out about free ways to train your dog online in this article.

Your dog doesn’t like visitors to your house? Or maybe he just keeps a course in miracles  using the place as a toilet? Or he could even have some serious behavioural problems. Whatever the problem, it can definitely be solved by online dog training courses and some of these are even free.

Here are just a small selection of useful resources that you can find out there.


YouTube and other websites have a ton of stuff out there. It can be difficult to find though, more often you will find funnies rather than real training. Also, even the better stuff is of questionable value. YouTube is good for a quick look but don’t expect to change your dog’s behaviour after a few hours of watching small and short videos. More likely you will just get distracted! I know I have been in the past.


Websites have some good info on dog training. You can learn a lot just from reading articles like this one. All sorts of info is available such as dog signals and toilet training. Unfortunately, after a few minutes of reading, most people get bored at looking at all that text. Even the pictures do not seem to help you at all. The other thing is that there is a huge difference between reading something and actually doing it in real life.


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