Cell Phone Integration with the BMW Bluetooth Upgrade Module

If you drive a BMW 3 Series, 5 Series or X-5 vehicle built between 2002 and 2006 and you find yourself needing to use a cell phone while driving, you must have a BMW Bluetooth upgrade module today. Recent tragic and near-tragic events have demonstrated that attempting to use bluetooth module  a cell phone while driving is unsafe, posing a potentially deadly hazard to yourself and others. Meanwhile, growing numbers of states and cities are passing legislation making it illegal to use a cell phone while driving. By installing a BMW Bluetooth upgrade module, you’ll be able to comply with these new laws while using your cell phone with greater safety.

How Bluetooth Works

It is unlikely that there is anyone today who has not encountered, used, or at least heard of Bluetooth technology. What most people do know is that Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows people to use a mouse and keyboard with the personal computers without the spaghetti-like tangle of cords.

Bluetooth is indeed this, but it is much more. It is actually a protocol, using low-bandwidth radio waves, that allows all kinds of digital devices to “talk” to each other. Musicians may remember MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), an industry standard that allows a wide variety of musical instruments to communicate and be played by a single person. What MIDI did for music, Bluetooth has done for computers, cell phones, digital cameras, and even game consoles!

Integrating Bluetooth With Your BMW

Getting back to the subject at hand, the BMW Bluetooth upgrade module will allow you to update your vehicle by fully integrating your cell phone into your BMW’s sound system. Using the car’s OEM radio and speakers, you will be able to receive incoming calls without ever having to physically reach for your cell phone. The BMW Bluetooth upgrade module even mutes your radio programming automatically when an incoming phone call is detected.

You’ll also be able to make outgoing calls using the buttons on your steering wheel and voice command. Not all cell phones are supported, but you’ll still be able to take advantage and enjoy the safety of being able to use your cell phone without looking away from the road or removing your hands from the steering wheel.

It’s Easy and Inexpensive

The BMW Bluetooth upgrade module is an affordable way to bring your car’s capabilities up-to-date, and the specific instructions that are included takes the mystery out of installation. Each BMW Bluetooth upgrade module is model-specific and based on original equipment manufacturer parts. It’s virtually “plug and play.”


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