Bird Watching Holidays in Bolivia: Dream Trips for Birders

If you’re an avid bird watcher looking for your next intrepid adventure, why not consider Bolivia? Famous for its prolific birdlife, Bolivia offers plenty of opportunities to spot many of the 850 species that reside here. Its diverse geography and range of ecosystems provide the perfect habitats for the different species.

A trip to Bolivia makes for a fascinating and memorable experience but, before you book, make sure you do some research on the bird watching holidays on offer. You should book with a company that offers small groups, a local tour leader, and a varied itinerary to ensure you get the most out of your once in a lifetime visit to this spectacular country.

Highlights of Bolivia

Most bird watching holidays to Bolivia cytotec Santa Cruz include Amboro National Park on the itinerary, which, because of its incredible range of flora, is home to an astounding number of bird species, including Flycatchers, Tanagers, hummingbirds and Antbirds. This ecological hotspot covers half a million hectares and encompasses three main ecosystems: the Amazon basin, the northern Chaco and the Andes. The mountainous region towers above the extensive lowland areas and, consequently, both highland and lowland animal and plant species are found here.

Los Volcanes is home to several species that are endemic to the area. The Grey-checked Parakeet, Black-streaked Puffbird, Bolivian Recurvebill and the Yungas Manakin are among the many unusual inhabitants to be found in this reserve. It is thought that 170 different avian species live here, which is extremely high considering its habitat and elevation. Experts attribute the diversity to the fact that the forest includes both deciduous trees and evergreens. The well-mapped trail system makes for ideal access to all areas of the reserve for those on guided bird watching holidays.

Because Bolivia is home to the Andes, it has extensive areas of semi-deciduous woodlands in the foothills and other areas of shrub desert. These particular regions offer the perfect habitat for the Red-fronted Macaw, the Red-tailed Comet and the Yellow-billed Tit-tyrant, all sought after species for the avid bird watcher.

Bolivia also boasts the stunning cloud forest of Siberia, a unique ecosystem that is made up of north-south valleys sheltered by the Andes from the extreme Amazonian weather. Comarapa is an area of cloud forest in the Serrania de Siberia where the Rufus-faced Antpitta is often spotted, along with the Golden-headed Quetzal and the Pale-legged Warbler. In the transition zone, where the cloud forest meets the drier valleys, the Ringed Warbling Finches are a common sight.

Bird watching holidays to Bolivia are perfect for those with a long list of exotic birds on their wish list, and a trip to this stunning region of South America will certainly be one to remember.

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