Basic Poker Rules – Things You Need to Know to Play Poker

Poker is a famous game that is a played all over the world this game could be traced way back in the sixteenth century in Germany. It was then called the “bluffing game”. But as time passed more and more people are playing this game. And before you know it, it is already played on casinos, parties or even in privacy of you own home. Poker is a game that is enjoyed by people who play card games. If you decide to get into the bandwagon and play poker for fun or for money then you may have to know several basic rules in poker.

In order to play poker you need to have a minimum of two to a maximum of fourteen players per game. A standard fifty-two card pack is also required for this game; joker may also be included as a wild 플레이포커 머니상 card for special hands like five-of-a-kind. You may use two sets of card but only one set of card can be used per game, the other set can be used for the next game.

In order to play the game you have to have a dealer. A dealer is the one responsible for shuffling the cards and distributing them to the players. Dealers are readily available in every poker table when in casinos, but if you are playing in your home and you need to choose one here is a quick way to select one. A player would distribute the card to each of the player faced-up starting from his left onwards. After which when a jack turns up, the player who got the card would be assigned the first dealer and will be changed after a game going to the left of the first dealer.

Before distributing any cards bets should first be made by the players and bets should not exceed the maximum allowable bet for the game. Bets are usually put on the center of play area where it will form the pot that will be won by the winner. When the bets are all in, the dealer could then distribute the cards to the player starting from his left in a clockwise direction. Players could then start to decide based on their cards if they would bet again, if they would raise or call. The dealer could go on and distribute the third card then a round of betting would again begin. After which, the fourth card will be given to the players and betting would be done again. Finally the fifth and final card will be given and from this card the player will be able to know the kind of hand one has and the final bet of a player would highly be base on the complete five-hand card.

Betting can be considered done when all players decided to fold or all the bets or raises are called. The players could then start showing their cards to the other players and the player with the highest hand would win the game.

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