Article Writing For Money – How to Become a Successful Ghostwriter – Part 2

Here are some additional tips that you must know in order to become a successful ghostwriter:

1. Ask for detailed project description. Before you start writing articles, make sure that you ask your clients for detailed project description. This includes the required word count, the keywords to use and required keyword density, and the preferred tone to use in the articles. It’s best if you can send in at least 2 articles to your clients first and ask for feedback before you continue writing the rest. By paper writing service reddit doing so, you can be assured that you are on the right track. This can save you some time later on as your clients will surely not request for several revisions.

2. Communicate with your clients. Give these people some updates at least once every two days so they’ll know that you are working on their articles. They will surely appreciate your efforts for doing so.

3. Impress your clients. If you intend to build a good reputation in this field, you better strive to impress each of your clients. Doing this is relatively easy. Just make sure that your articles are written based on the project description and that you deliver on or before the deadline. If these people are extremely happy with your ghostwriting services, you can be assured that they’ll do repeat business with you in the future and that they’ll recommend you to other people.

4. Promote your writing services. It would work to your advantage if you get your own website where you can tell your prospects what you do and what you can offer them. You will need to drive traffic to this site and you will need to secure better page ranking for it.


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