About Bulldog Puppies

The Bulldog is a breed known by everyone. In fact for at least a hundred years the breed has been a favorite among people. Originally the British used the Bulldog as a fighting dog to help protect their livestock. The breed became a favorite when bullfighting was popular because of their strong bite. The French bulldog for sale breed’s solid and muscular appearance comes from their characteristically large head and strong, square build. They have a strong and undershot jaw that helps them to get their strong bite and a short and square muzzle which gives them their strong appearance.

Although despite this ferocious look and dominant personality, English Bulldog puppies are actually quite gentle towards their owners. Before deciding if English Bulldog puppies are right for you and your household there are a few aspects of the breed that you should consider. It is important that you choose a breed of dog that matches what you are looking for since everyone is different and every dog is different.
When it comes to children, English Bulldog puppies are very patient and tolerant. In fact, over the years the Bulldog has become one of the best suitable breeds for children. The breed isn’t known for complaining so they will often play with the children and won’t get irritated easily if the children accidentally hurt them.

When it comes to strangers and other dogs the Bulldog is very tenacious and dominant. So if English Bulldog puppies want to go after something they will pursue it persistently and aggressively. This dominant characteristic is always displayed even if the Bulldog is in the presence or territory of another dog. This can lead to dog fights if you aren’t careful and maintain full control of English Bulldog puppies.

Needless to say if you are looking for a guard dog then the Bulldog is the right breed for you. Intruders will definitely be scared off by their ferocious look and aggressive attitude. Although they make good guard dogs they aren’t the best for warning since they don’t usually bark or give a warning before they attack.

However, there are also disadvantages to the tolerant behavior of English Bulldog puppies. English Bulldog puppies don’t readily express themselves when injured, feeling ill, thirsty, hungry or simply cold. Therefore, you will need to be perceptive to your dogs behavior in order to catch medical conditions before they become too severe since you dog will rarely tell you that something is wrong. Restraint can also be difficult if you don’t properly train them from an early age because of this behavior.

Also English Bulldog puppies have a high sense of right and wrong which means that if they believe they are unjustly punished they will sulk for days. It can be difficult dealing with headstrong English Bulldog puppies if you don’t have energy and patience. So if this doesn’t sound like something for you then you might want to consider a more placid and less dominant dog breed. Although it is important to keep in mind that these are just general temperaments and each dog is different so you may still be able to find the right Bulldog for you.


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